Aged AR - Toolbar

The Toolbar located across the top of theAged AR report, as shown in Figure 1, window contains buttons that perform various functions and tasks.


Figure 1: The Toolbar

The Function and Purpose of each of the buttons is explained in detail in Table 1.


Function or Purpose


The [View] button displays the report on the Report tab.


The [Print] button prints the Report. If the report is already displayed in on the Report tab, then this button simply prints the report. If the report is not currently displayed, then this button will first display the report on the View tab before printing.


The [Labels] button allows you to print Customer labels for the items in the report. For more information on Creating Labels in System Five, see: Label Designers.


This brings up the Customer Maintenance screen after you have highlighted a customer on the Report. The button will remain grayed out until you View the report and select a customer.


This brings up the specific invoice after you have highlighted it on the Report. The button will not be available until you highlight an Invoice on the report.


This brings up specific comments on the customer in the Report. This button will not work until you have selected a customer on the Report.


The [Help] button displays this document.


The [Exit] button closes the Inventory Report Designer window.

Table 1: The Toolbar buttons - Function and Purpose

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