Aged AR - Options tab

The Aged AR report - Options tab, as shown in Figure 1, is used to select and enter the filters for the Aged A/R Report.


Figure 1: The Options tab

The function and purpose of each of the items on the Options tab are explained in detail in Table 1.


Function and/or Purpose

Aged By:

Use this section to select the Type of Aging to be used. Choose from either a Book Month or Date method.

Book Month (30, 60, 90)

This is the default and recommended method of Aging your Receivables. System Five reports the dollar value of invoices in the 30, 60 or 90 day columns.

Include 120 days

Check this box to add a fourth aging period and column to the report. This check box only applies to the Book Month Aging method.

Book Month

Select or enter the Book Month value that will be used for the Aging process. The Book Month selected will indicate the [Current] date. All of the Aging will be in respect to this selected value. The Book Month value defaults to the current system Book Month.


This is not a recommended method of aging your receivables and is included in System Five to meet some very specific requirements. When this Aged By method is selected a new set of options become visible as shown in TBL-FIGURE 1, below.

TBL-FIGURE 1: The Date Option

When the Date method is selected, you can enter the number of days for the three aging periods. You can select the Date you want to be considered the current date in the box on the right.

The following warning becomes visible on the right when this option is selected:

  • WARNING: You have chosen to age the report by days instead of book months. Please note that Windward Software Inc. does not recommend or support this feature because of it's inherent problems with reconciling customer data and balances. The aging will change each day as you print the report, making it difficult to have a clear closing period. For months with 31, 29 or 28 days, the starting balance will not agree with the actual ending balance from the previous month. We recommend you do not use this option.

All Departments

This check box is only visible in Departmentalized installations of System Five. If you are using the Department features in System Five, this option is checked by default, however you can remove the check from this box to view the information for the Current Department.

List by Aging

Select from the options in the list shown in TBL-FIGURE 2, below.

TBL-FIGURE 2: The List by Aging drop down

List by Part

Select a specific Part to list all of the Aged Accounts Receivable Invoices for.


List Outstanding Invoices :

This check box tells System Five to report on all outstanding invoices that fit within the Book Month or Date selections above.

Contact Name and Phone Number :

Check this box to include the Contact Name and Phone Number information for the Customer in the Comments section. The Report Comments can be viewed on screen by selecting a Customer on the Report and hovering the mouse over the line. A small popup known as a Tool Tip will display this information. The Comments will appear on the printed report.

Last Payment Information :

Check this box to include the Last Payment information in the same comment mentioned above.

List Credit Invoices :

Check this box to include Credit Invoices in the report.

Check Customer Balances for errors :

Check this box to have System Five perform a basic integrity check on the Customer Account Balance while running the Report. This will slow the Reporting down.

Check Invoices for Errors (much slower) :

Check this box to have System Five perform detailed integrity checking on the Invoices. This will slow the report significantly.

Skip Customers with Negative Balances :

Check this box to exclude Customers that have a credit balance from the Report.

Skip Interest Invoices :

Check this box to exclude all Interest charges from the Report.

Skip Transfer Account :

This option is Checked by Default. Un-Check this box to include all Transfer Account Invoices on the Report.

Table 1: The Function and Purpose

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