Aged AR - List Options tab

The Aged AR report - List Options tab, as shown in Figure 1, allows you to select the type of invoices and optionally the salesperson for the report.


Figure 1: The List Options tab

The function and purpose of each of the items on the List Options tab are explained in detail in Table 1.


Function and/or Purpose

Invoice Types

Select the invoice types you want to include in the report.

List for Salesperson

Check this box to show invoices for the salesperson(s) select below.


Check the salesperson(s) from the list that you want included in the report. These selections are ONLY applied if the [List for Salesperson] check box above is checked.

Salesperson on Customer?

This option applies the salesperson selection to the Customers' Salesperson.
See: Customer Salesperson for more information.

Salesperson on Invoice?

This option applies the salesperson selection to the invoice salesperson.

List Pre-Authorized Customers Only

This option allows you to select invoice for customers that are configured for Pre-Authorized Payments. For details on the use and configuration of Pre-Authorized Payments please see Customer Options in the Setup Wizard.

National Accounts

Only available for the National Subsidiary Accounts feature

For national accounts, select the desired list ordering option as follows:

  • List Subsidiaries seperately

  • Group Subsidiaries but list seperately

  • Group Subsidiaries with totals

  • Include Subsidiaries in National account

Table 1: The Function and Purpose of the List Options

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