Aged AR - Currency tab

The Aged AR report - Currency tab, as shown in Figure 1, allows you to select the Currency options for the Report.


Figure 1: The Currency tab

The function and purpose of each of the items on the Currency tab are explained in detail in Table 1.


Function and/or Purpose


Use this drop down list to select the desired Currency to used in conjunction with the rule selected below.

Show Invoices

Choose one of the two rules to apply the Currency selection above.


  1. Show Only Invoice for the Selected Currency.
    The report will only contain AR Invoices that were posted in the selected Currency.

  1. Show All Invoices with Estimated Amount in Selected Currency.
    The report will contain all Invoices regardless of the Currency they were posted in. Invoices posted in other Currencies will be estimated in the Selected Currency based on the Currency Date selected in the box shown in TBL-FIGURE 1, below.

TBL-FIGURE 1: The Currency Date selection

Table 1: The Function and Purpose

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